Are Zoey Deutch and Jimmy Tatro still together?

The two have been dating for a while now, but didn’t make it Instagram official until Valentine’s Day 2021. Announcing their relationship, Tatro shared a series of photos of Zoey with the caption: “Just using today as an excuse to post some top-notch untapped Zoey content.”

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In this way, are Avan Jogia and Zoey still together?

Zoey Deutch and Avan Jogia have split up. The ‘Year of Spectacular Men’ co-stars – who started dating over five years ago – ended their relationship late last year, according to E! News.

Likewise, people ask, when did Zoey Deutch and Avan Jogia break up? They first started dating in 2012 and came out as a couple at the Kids’ Choice Awards that year. A source told the publication that the split was ‘amicable’ and added: ‘They broke up four months ago and remain friends.

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