Can I use My Perfect Eyes on my eyelids?

Can you use My Perfect eyes cream on your face? This product is only designed for use under and beside the eyes – this includes the cheekbone and the temple. Check out the rest of the My Perfect Cosmetics range for products you can use on the rest of your face.

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Similarly, who owns perfect eyes?

Company founder and product creator Penny Lane has received backlash from British shoppers that the ads were ‘misleading’.

Besides, can you wear makeup with My Perfect Eyes? Well, the short answer is, yes you can! My Perfect Eyes can absolutely be used with your favourite oil-free foundation but it works even better still with My Perfect Foundation. Our fuss-free, flawless finish foundation is literally a match made in makeup heaven with My Perfect Eyes.

Keeping this in consideration, can I use My Perfect Eyes on my neck?

Our facial product is designed for the whole face and neck area and is a once week treatment. see less My Perfect Eyes is specially designed for the under eye although, customers have used this product on other parts of their face and have seen great results.

Does haemorrhoid cream work on eye bags?

Yes, you read that correctly. “Preparation H is a vasoconstrictor,” explained Dr. Sejal Shah, founder of Smarter Skin Dermatology in New York City. “By narrowing the vessels, it helps reduce puffiness.

Can you put moisturiser over My Perfect Eyes?

Can I use moisturiser when using My Perfect Eyes? Yes, you are perfectly fine to use your favourite facial moisturiser or a makeup primer on the rest of your face. Just be sure to avoid the area immediately under your eyes where My Perfect Eyes has been applied.

Is my perfect eyes cruelty free?

Hello, No My Perfect Eyes and indeed all of the My Perfect range is non tested on animals and completely ruminant free.

Who is the owner of Penny Lane?

As of 2009, Catherine Holmes à Court-Mather was still the copyright owner of “Penny Lane”, which is one of the few Lennon–McCartney songs not owned by Sony Music Publishing.

Who owns perfect cosmetics?

Penny Lane – Founder

Can you wear concealer with My Perfect Eyes?

This perfecting concealer works in tandem with the delicate skin around your eyes to create a light veil over the skin that flattens, not stretches the skin. Coming as a clear cream, it also dries clear and can be used underneath a makeup base or tinted moisturiser.

Does My Perfect Eyes help with dark circles?

My Perfect Facial. My Perfect Eyes is clinically proven to instantly remove fine lines, wrinkles, dark circles and compresses puffiness for up to 8 hours. A revolutionary non-surgical cosmetic quick fix that takes years off your appearance in just a matter of minutes.

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