Do married couples in India have sex daily?

So, enjoy the fulfilling times of sex and great intimacy. How often married couples make love in India? It is entirely up to the couple but a few times a day is common just after marriage which goes on to become a number of times a week.

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Also, at what age does a woman stop being sexually active in India?

Older women remain sexually active beyond their seventh decade of life, a new study has found. The study suggested that at least one in seven women aged 65 to 79 years has hypoactive sexual desire dysfunction (HSDD).

Consequently, is it OK to have sex everyday? There is no “normal” amount of sex. It is ok to have sex every day. Whether you want to have sex every day, multiple times daily, or not at all is completely normal. There is no specific “right” amount of sex that is “normal” because everyone’s sexuality is different.

Moreover, how many rounds can a man go per night?

The average for all men across the board is half an hour. So yes, in theory a man can have sex four time in one night, though you would expect there to be less semen after the initial ejaculation.

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