Does American Girl still sell Luciana?

A Luciana mini doll was available with her release and was retired in 2021.

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Likewise, how old is Luciana?

People also ask, what is Luciana the American Girl dolls last name?
Luciana Vega
Name Full Name Doll Series
Luciana Vega Girl of the Year
Blaire Wilson Girl of the Year
Joss Kendrick Jocelyn Elizabeth Kendrick Girl of the Year
Kira Bailey Kira Bailey Girl of the Year

Keeping this in consideration, what nationality is Luciana American Girl doll?


Is Luciana Vega retiring?

Well, Luciana won’t be around for much longer. According to an email that AGDN reader Lucille got, Luciana will be retiring on December 31. Her books will remain available.

How tall is Blaire American girl?

1 at and in American Girl retail stores. The 18-inch doll will retail for about $115.

What year is Luciana?

Luciana Vega is an 11-year-old Chilean-American girl who dreams of being the first person to walk on Mars. And she’s American Girl’s 2018 Girl of the Year. Though American Girl is known for its original line of historical dolls, books and accessories, Luciana isn’t a historical figure.

Who is the oldest American Girl doll?

Samantha, Kirsten and Molly, the first three dolls in the series, debuted in 1986 and were retired between 2008 and 2013. Felicity, Addy and Josefina were introduced in the 1990s and retired in the mid-2010s.

What are the rarest American Girl dolls?

10 Rarest American Girl Dolls Ever Made

  • Original Kirsten Larson.
  • Original Samantha Parkington.
  • Just Like You #36.
  • Cecile Rey.
  • Marie-Grace Gardner.
  • Caroline Abbott.
  • BeForever Felicity Merriman.
  • Girl of Today #6.

Where does Molly McIntire live?

Jefferson County, Illinois

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