Does Baylor Scott and White have a pension plan?


Baylor Scott & White Health offers a 401(k) plan to help you save for retirement. You can contribute 1 percent to 50 percent of your eligible pay on a pre-tax or after-tax basis.

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Hereof, is Baylor Scott White Good?

Baylor Scott & White Health leads the state of Texas in the number of accolades earned in U.S. News & World Report’s “Best Hospitals” 2016-2017 publication, released today. … The hospital is nationally ranked as a top hospital in four specialty areas and recognized as high performing in the seven other adult specialties.

Accordingly, did Baylor buy Scott and White? Dallas-based Baylor Health Care System and Temple, Texas-based Scott & White Healthcare have completed their merger, forming the largest nonprofit health system in Texas. Joel Allison, CEO of Baylor, is the new CEO of Baylor Scott & White Health. …

Thereof, is Baylor Scott and White only in Texas?

Baylor Scott & White is based in Dallas but has been growing rapidly in Central Texas lately and Houston-based Memorial Hermann is the largest nonprofit health system in Texas. … They have more than 73,000 employees across more than 30 Texas counties and have about have about 10 million patient encounters each year.

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