How do I choose sugar bronzer?

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Herein, how to contour with bronzer?

Hereof, how do you apply sugar contour? Moisturise your face and apply primer. Apply foundation all over face and neck, then blend. Set the foundation with the SUGAR As Nude As It Gets SPF15 Compact or your existing compact. For an easy, every day contoured lol, apply the bronzer under your cheekbones to sculpt and define.

In this regard, is bronzer better than contour?

With bronzer, you can add a divine golden filter to the skin, while contouring sculpts the appearance of your facial framework, defining the look of your cheekbones and features. Together, they create a MAGICAL, IRRESISTABLE combination to create a dreamy, sun-kissed, flawless-looking complexion!

Can I contour my nose with bronzer?

Yes! You can use a darker powder or bronzer to contour instead of a cream/liquid foundation. How do i contour my big, long nose? If you want it visually shorter, add contour at the tip and highlight above it.

Can you put bronzer all over your face?

No, bronzer is meant to be put in specific areas to give a glow. Using it all over will look fake and weird, trust me I tried it. And your skin tone is lovely, embrace it!

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