How do I dress like Blair Waldorf?

That means she wears lots of collared shirts, simple skirts, and ties. You can channel a little bit of prep school chic yourself with a structured button-up blouse and navy blue skirt. For extra Blair appeal, add a brightly colored headband and tights.

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Accordingly, where are Blair Waldorf’s clothes from?

According to our resident expert, “There is no question this white Marc by Marc Jacobs dress is one of Blair’s most all-time iconic looks; If you try and find this on resale sites, you’re going to pay an arm and a leg.” It’s not the dress that makes the woman, in this case.

Considering this, what brands did Blair Waldorf wear? A little birdy told us that Blair’s Blue Night Bird Marc Jacobs dress previously retailed on Shopbop for $628 and Stylebop for $685. As the most high-fashion-conscious character in the original series, we see her styled in designers ranging from Dior to Oscar de la Renta.

Similarly one may ask, did Blair Waldorf ever wear pants?

As Blair is a girly-girl, she doesn’t wear pants, not even in the cold season. She favors dresses and skirts. If you catch an episode, try to spot B wearing pants. “What I want is to be a powerful woman.”

Is Blair Waldorf pretty?

Appearance and Style

Blair is considered one of the most beautiful people on the UES and is known for her notable style, partly attributed to being the daughter of a fashion designer. In the novel series, she is described as a striking brunette, and is portrayed that way in the show.

What is Blair Waldorf’s favorite color?

Also, remember her favourite colour is shell pink, but she isn’t obsessed with it – try to get a pink polo. Blair also loves cashmere, designer bags, and shoes.

Why is Blair Waldorf so iconic?

Not only was Blair one of the most beautiful and wealthiest of the Upper East Side, but also one of the most intelligent beings in Manhattan. Academically, she had perfect scores at Constance Billard School, along with a long list of extra curricular activities that made her curriculum vitae shine.

What is Blair Waldorf’s favorite brand?

There’s Finally a Reason to Dress Like Blair Waldorf (Again)

Whether she was attending a charity gala, walking around the Upper East Side, or just plain scheming in her palatial Manhattan residence, she were always decked out in the designer likes of Elie Saab, Oscar de la Renta, and Valentino.

What tights does Blair Waldorf wear?

Blair is a big Wolford tights lover, and we can see her wearing them on the show pretty often.

Who designed Blairs prom dress?

Ms. Blair stuns in her Vera Wang, dashing down the streets of NYC. I had the honor and privilege to work directly with delicious designer VW herself, on not only one but two gorgeous gowns,” Daman gushed. “Blair floated down the aisle like the princess she always dreamed of becoming.

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