How do I get a refund from keto?

You need to fill in the refund page here in order for us to be able to make the refund. is not responsible for any delay in delivery from your end. Ensure you use a reliable courier service to send the product back to us. Always provide us with the shipment details via email.

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Subsequently, can you get a refund on Keto Cycle?

A full refund can be issued only if the product is found to be faulty. In such cases, please contact our customer support within 14 days from the purchase date and provide detailed information about the issues experienced. If possible, please include some visual proof of the issue with this request.

People also ask, how can I cancel my keto order? The best way is to Contact Us and we will try to cancel your order for you if it has not been sent out yet. If you’re order already shipped out, don’t worry! We can email you a return shipping label so you will still receive a full refund and we’ll pay for the return shipping.

Accordingly, how do I cancel my lean time keto subscription?

They can contact the customer care team for a refund by email or phone at:

  1. Email: [email protected].
  2. Phone: (866) 490-3693.

How do I return a keto 1500 pill?

If dissatisfied with the supplement, customer service should be contacted at 1 (855) 664-0768 within 60 days from the purchase date. Once approved, all bottles need to be returned, which will be subjected to a restocking fee of $8.95 (on all unopened bottles). How much does KETO Advanced 1500 cost?

How do I contact keto diet?

Email at [email protected]. Phone at (800) 513-1965.

Do you have to pay for Keto Cycle?

How much does Keto Cycle cost? While downloading the app itself is free, the plans normally cost $24.99 monthly on the official website. Luckily for a limited time, these plans can be accessed at reduced rates as seen below: 3 months of Keto Cycle: $16.99 per month.

How much is the Keto Cycle diet plan?

You can get three, six, and 12-month subscriptions to the Keto Cycle. The three-month plan costs $2.75 per week. A six-month Keto Cycle subscription costs $1.92 per week. For just $1.25 a week, you’ll have Keto Cycle for an entire year.

What does a keto diet look like?

A ketogenic diet should consist of about 60–80% fat, 10–30% protein, and no more than 5–10% — or 20–50 grams — of carbs per day. Focus on high fat, low carb foods like eggs, meats, dairy, and low carb vegetables, as well as sugar-free beverages. Be sure to limit highly processed foods and trans fats.

What to say to cancel an order?

State that you need to cancel an order and offer a reasonable explanation. Provide sufficient information for the reader to identify your original order. Adjust any payment arrangements. Express apologies and appreciation, as appropriate.

How do I cancel F1 Keto?

Refund Policy of F1 Keto

If the product has failed to satisfy you, you can place a request for a refund within 30 days from the date of purchase. If at some point you choose to cancel this purchase, call customer service at 866-399-9385 anytime between 9am EST – 9pm EST Mon – Sat.

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