How do I make my bangs look like IU?

Instead of cutting your bangs with scissors, use a razor that will give a proper diagonal effect. [Use] you know, an eye brow razor. Finally, she reiterated that the technique needed is very particular. With that, while pushing, if you cut it while pushing it to the side [you’ll get IU’s bangs].

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Additionally, does IU have long or short hair?

IU can pull off almost any look, but short hair is one that she has fully mastered. In fact, she’s proven time and time again that short hair can be just as versatile and fun as having long hair! Check out all the different short hairstyles she’s rocked below!

Keeping this in consideration, why did IU cut her hair? IU explained, “For a more innocent look, I wanted to change my hairstyle and grow my front hair but in fear of being compared to Kikwang and to make my face look smaller, I decided to cut my long front hair I had been growing for two years.”

Just so, who is IU stylist?

Seo Yoon

Is IU wavy hair?

Loose Curls

IU is no exception as she seems to have her cuteness level boosted 100% by these soft spirals.

Does IU wear wig?

Found this video of IU’s hair stylist explaining how she did it. … Also op the scene where she had very short hair was actually a wig! Last time her real hair was that short was last year, and she’s been growing it out since then.

Does IU have a boyfriend?

Reports suggest that IU is, currently, single and she is not dating anyone in secret. Aside from her hectic working schedules, it is said that it is the “Dream High” actress’ personal choice to stay single after her breakup from Jang Kiha.

How do I look like IU?

?Wanna attract many fanboys like IU?

  1. Always put out both of her hands when receiving an award.
  2. Putting a finger on her lips when she is thinking hard.
  3. Glared-eyes when wanting to look sassy.
  4. Little finger going astray.
  5. Puffy cheeks when drinking water.
  6. Eat slowly, chew carefully.

How do Koreans cut wispy bangs?

What are wispy bangs?

Wispy bangs are soft bangs that are lightly feathered towards the end. Wispy bangs will flatter women with longer face shapes who want to shorten their appearance. They are a great choice if you have fine hair and don’t want to commit to a thick, full fringe.

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