How do I tell people about my honeymoon fund?

We’ve put together 5 simple tips to help you master the perfect honeymoon registry wording.

  1. Write in your own words (the honest approach) …
  2. If you’re not a poet, lose the poems. …
  3. Saying nothing can be a great option. …
  4. Tell guests why you’ve chosen a honeymoon registry. …
  5. Make it clear that it’s optional.

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Hereof, how do you ask for honeymoon fund instead of gifts?

Short Honeymoon Fund Wording

Our wedding wouldn’t be the same without your presence. However, when it comes to presents, please be aware that we would appreciate a donation towards our honeymoon fund in place of wedding gifts. A contribution towards our honeymoon fund instead of a gift is much appreciated.

Herein, what should I put on my honeymoon registry? Don’t be afraid to add those items to your registry — they’ll come in handy and provide convenience throughout your trip. Examples: Transportation costs (plane tickets, fares for taxi, subways, train, rental car, etc.), luggage set, backpack for hiking or day trips, maps, guidebooks, sunglasses.

Similarly, can you have a honeymoon fund and a registry?

A honeymoon fund is just like a traditional registry. You can include the link on your wedding website for easy guest access, or use an all-in-one registry tool to combine your honeymoon fund with traditional gift ideas too.

What should I write on my registry page?

We are so incredibly thankful for the effort you’ll be making to join us for our special day in (destination). Your presence is your present, so please, no gifts! We are lucky enough to have everything we need for this new chapter together, so please, no gifts required!

Is it tacky to ask for honeymoon money?

If you want money instead of physical gifts, don’t put the request on the invitation. (Even in the most progressive of circles, it’s still considered tacky.) Do, however, tell everyone. Tell your wedding party, your parents, your friends—anyone who asks what you want for the big day.

How much should you ask for a honeymoon fund?

In 2018, the average gift contribution per person was $110.00 which increased from $100.00 in 2017. Our advice is to keep your gift goal amount equal or higher to the amount you are hoping to receive per person.

How much should you contribute to a honeymoon fund?

$50-$75 gives the newlyweds flexibility to determine how best to spend the cash and the amount feels like it will make a small impact within their budget. It was great to set aside some cash for completing our registry, saving for our honeymoon, and taking a few date nights right after the wedding to relax.

How do you give money for a honeymoon?

Consider giving “cash” toward the couple’s big trip. Registry sites like Zola offer honeymoon funds as an option on the registry and plenty of couples opt for the independent Honeyfund, which allows guests to give specific experiences, like skydiving or sunset sail, that is part of their destination.

What is the average cost of a honeymoon?

around $4,800

Who pays for the honeymoon?

In these more traditional settings, it is usually the groom or the groom’s parents who pay for the honeymoon. The bride’s family usually handles the wedding costs, and the groom or his family would handle the honeymoon.

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