How do you use Helen E pigments?

The best way to apply the NEON loose pigments is to make sure your skin is prepared and moisturised well with your favourite product. Simply press your applicator or brush into a small amount of the product using the lid to pack the colour into the product and then pat gently onto the skin.

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Subsequently, how do you use neon pigments?

In this manner, how do you apply neon makeup?

Regarding this, what do you mix loose pigment with?

Mix a Loose Pigment (Marlena uses Voodoo) and an eye sealant or eye drops to create a liquid liner. Add the Loose Pigment first to the back of your hand with a few drops of your liquid. Then mix together. Use as a liquid liner or smudge under the lower lash-line for a fun pop of color!

How do you apply pigment makeup?

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