How much does it cost to get your nails done at Walmart?

Walmart Nail Salon Services

Acrylic Nails $24.99 and up
Manicure with French or color $3 extra $10.99 and up
Spa Pedicure with French or color $3 extra $19.99 and up
Spa Pedicure & Manicure $29.99 and up
Nail Repair $5.99 and up

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Moreover, what is the name of nail salon in Walmart?

Regal Nails
Herein, how much is a refill on nails? Acrylic Nails
Full Set Of Pink & White Acrylic $45/ up
Full Set Of Regular Acrylic $25/ up
Refill Of Regular Acrylic $15/ up
Full Set Of Overlay Acrylic $25/ up
Refill Of Overlay Acrylic $15/ up

Additionally, does Walmart do pedicures?

Anyone looking to pamper their nails will appreciate Walmart Nail Salon’s affordable rates for manicures and pedicures. … There are various other options available too, including deluxe pedicures, gel manicures, and manicure and pedicure combo treatments.

How much do you tip for a $25 pedicure?

What customers do: The standard tip is anywhere from 15 to 20 percent of the cost of services, before taxes. Some customers tip more than 20 percent if it’s a low-cost service where the tip would otherwise be less than $2, or if they’re especially thrilled with the service, say our experts.

Are Fake nails bad for your nails?

To get acrylic nails (a type of artificial nail) to stick, the surface of your natural nails must be filed until they feel rough. This thins your natural nails, making them weaker. … Frequent touch-ups can seriously damage your natural nails. In short, artificial nails can leave your nails thin, brittle, and parched.

Where to get my nails done near me cheap?

Best Cheap Nail Salons Near Me

  • Pearly Nails. 100 reviews. Nail Salons. …
  • Wellness Nails Care. 161 reviews. Nail Salons. …
  • Doan’s Nails. 171 reviews. Nail Salons. …
  • Haight Street Nails. 237 reviews. Nail Salons, Waxing, Eyebrow Services. …
  • SF Nail Bar. 88 reviews. Nail Salons, Waxing. …
  • Sunset Nails. 1134 reviews. Nail Salons. …
  • The Nail Room. 274 reviews. …
  • Mimosa Nails. 225 reviews.

What are diamond nails?

Diamond NailsDiamond nails are acrylics. The claim is that they are “more expensive” because they are hard like diamonds, but they aren’t any different than regular acrylic nails. Crystal Nails — Any type of nail enhancement done with clear acrylic, gel, or resin with clear tips or sculpted with a form.

How much does it cost to get gel nails at Walmart?

Regal Nails Price List

Service Price
Acrylic Nails (Fills) $18 & up
Gel Nails (Full Set) $40
Gel Nails (Fills) $25
Pink & White (Full Set) $45

Is it cheaper to get your nails filled?

A full set of acrylics will last you around three weeks, and then you’ll need to get them filled. An acrylic nail fill will usually cost you less than a full set, and if taken care of, you won’t need a new full set for at least two months. Acrylic nail fill will cost you around $25.

When should you get a refill on nails?


If you‘ve committed to acrylics, then you should know that they require regular fills. Make sure to schedule appointments with your nail technician every two to three weeks, depending on your nail growth and your nail artist’s recommendation.

How many times can you get a refill on your nails?

How Long Should You Wait To Get Your Nails Filled? Refills are typically performed once in every two weeks – at maximum. You should not need a refill any more often that this, unless the acryl is lifting up your natural nail and makes the growth gap look bigger than it actually is.

What is a good price for a pedicure?

Since every pedicure is different, prices tend to vary. But, generally, you can expect to pay between $35–$60 for a pedicure. With one of our deals, you might pay around $15–$35 per pedicure. In addition, you should tip your nail artist.

Where can I get a pedicure near me?

Best Pedicure Near Me

  • Nail Me. 12 reviews. Nail Salons, Waxing, Eyelash Service. …
  • Sarah Nails Spa. 5 reviews. Nail Salons, Waxing. …
  • Spectrum Nails Spa. 155 reviews. Nail Salons, Waxing. …
  • Q Spa. 271 reviews. Skin Care, Waxing, Nail Salons. …
  • Gentle Nails Salon. 239 reviews. …
  • Green Spa & Nail. 122 reviews. …
  • Luxury Spa. 38 reviews. …
  • Creative Nail Care. 267 reviews.

How much does a pedi and mani cost?

Pedicures in mid-range and high-end salons will cost approximately $35-50. A mani pedi average cost will be approximately $35-60. Acrylic Nails – This type of nail will cost $25-35 at a small nail salon. For mid-range to high-end salons, it will be between $35-70.

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