How much does ruffer manage?

It’s by putting safety first that we have made good money for our clients. Through boom and bust. For nearly 26 years.

We do One thing – investment management
Assets £22.4 billion under management as at 30 April 2021
People Over 330 work at Ruffer as at 30 April 2021

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Secondly, is ruffer a hedge fund?

Ruffer is not a hedge fund—not least because the performance fees hedge funds charge guarantee they are more interested in the upside than the downside, which is the exact opposite of our preoccupation.

Beside this, how do I invest with ruffer? How to invest in Ruffer funds
  1. 1Choose funds that match your investment goals.
  2. 2Select an account you want to invest in.
  3. 3Open an account with as little as £25 a month or a lump sum of £100.

Beside above, what is ruffer Co UK?

Ruffer serves individuals and families, institutions, charities and financial planners, in the UK and internationally. More about clients. Our investment funds. We manage a range of core funds, and an investment trust. They all follow the same Ruffer investment approach.

Why is Scottish Mortgage Trust going down?

The shares of the giant Scottish Mortgage investment trust have fallen heavily as result of the pronounced sell-off in technology linked equities and could now be a buy, according to Nick Wood, head of fund research at Quilter.

Should I buy Scottish mortgage?

While the long-term track record of the Scottish Mortgage Investment Trust is impressive, the stock does come with risks. … But what I like about Scottish Mortgage is that the private company portfolio is very diversified across a number of firms. This is why I’d buy the trust at the current price in my portfolio.

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