How much is bridgepoint worth?

Bridgepoint Capital Group was founded in 1984 and has approximately $20 billion in AUM.

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Also to know is, who is the CEO of Bridgepoint?

William Jackson

Beside above, who bought kyriba?

Bridgepoint Capital

Thereof, what companies do BridgePoint own?

Its investments have included the Azzurri Group, Element Materials Technology, Hobbycraft, and Pret a Manger in the UK, Dorna in Spain, Balt, eFront and Histoire d’Or in France. It operates a second business, Bridgepoint Development Capital, which specialises in smaller cap businesses valued up to €150 million.

What is BridgePoint?

Our hospital specializes in providing acute care to medically complex and critically ill patients who require longer hospital stays. BridgePoint Sub-Acute and Rehabilitation Capitol Hill has 117 licensed beds including 17 Sub-Acute Unit beds specializing in the care of ventilator and tracheostomy dependent patients.

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