How much weight can you lose on Optifast in a month?

After 26 weeks on the Optifast program, men and women lost an average 25% of their starting body weight6. The OPTIFAST VLCD program can help patients achieve substantial and rapid weight loss 4. On average, patients achieve a weight loss of 1.5–2.5 kg/week 2.

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Also know, how do you start a Optifast diet?

OPTIFAST VLCD Program Active 1 Level

  1. 2 low-calorie meals (approximately 350 calories each)
  2. 2 or more cups of low starch vegetables.
  3. 2 litres of water or calorie-free fluids (minimum)
  4. 2 serves of fruit (around 70 calories each)
  5. 1 serve of dairy (around 100 calories)
Considering this, can you eat eggs on Optifast? If possible, skip the protein and carbohydrates on offer. If you must eat something other than just the vegetables or salad, miss the OPTIFAST VLCD product for that meal and opt for a small portion of protein such as 100g meat or chicken, some fish or eggs.

Beside this, can you have 4 Optifast shakes a day?

Do not drink less than 4 Optifast a day as this can result in muscle loss and poor healing after surgery. Mix 1 packet with at least 300 ml (1¼ cups) of cold water. You can add ice cubes if you like. Shake well or blend in a blender.

Can I drink coffee on Optifast?

When on the Intensive level of the Program, there are additional low calorie foods allowed which

Allowed Avoid
Water Soda water Diet soft drinks and cordial Plain mineral water Tea and coffee (no or 30mL skim milk andno sugar) Herbal Teas Fruit juice Alcohol Soft drinks Cordial

Do you feel hungry on Optifast?

Hunger. It is normal to feel hungry for the first few days of the program as the body transitions into ketosis. If possible encourage your patient not to eat any extra food to compensate for the fatigue or hunger.

What is the Optifast 3 day challenge?

These first few days on the OPTIFAST® VLCD™ Program Intensive Level are commonly known as the 3 day challenge. As the body transitions into ketosis, you may experience some transient side effects such as fatigue, hunger, lack of concentration, nausea and headaches.

Can you buy optifast at Walmart?


Can you eat fruit on Optifast?

Your third meal should be a low calorie meal of around 350 calories. You can also have 1 serve of fruit (approximately 70 calories) and 1 serve of dairy (approximately 100 calories) bringing your total food intake, including your OPTIFAST VLCD products , to approximately 1000 calories a day.

Can you eat cheese on Optifast?

A serving of dairy could be: one 250g glass low fat milk, 40g low fat cheese, 1 scoop of light ice-cream or 200g low fat yoghurt.

How long can you stay on Optifast?

12 weeks

What are the side effects of Optifast?

  • (over) …
  • OPTIFAST® is a weight management program that helps you lose weight quickly and safely. …
  • The most common side effects include fatigue (tiredness), nausea (upset stomach), constipation and diarrhea.

How much is optifast at Chemist Warehouse?

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Is optifast a good way to lose weight?

Very low calorie diets, such as the Intensive Level of the OPTIFAST VLCD Program, have been shown to be very effective in helping people lose weight. During ketosis, when replacing all 3 meals each day over a period of up to 3 months, weekly weight losses can average about 1-2.5kg per week1,2.

Why is optifast not suitable for over 65?

Age >65 years

The OPTIFAST VLCD Program Intensive level is not recommended for use in persons over the age of 65 years, as metabolic and physiologic adaptations to intensive diets are decreased.

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