How old was Ashton Kutcher when he married Demi Moore?

But Moore says their 15 year age difference wasn’t an issue at first. In fact, the actor claims that being with Kutcher made her feel like she was going back in time to when she was his age. ‘He was 25,” she writes. “I was 40.

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Beside above, does Michael Kutcher have cerebral palsy?

By age three, Michael was battling significant developmental delays. He was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy before he entered kindergarten and also had a life-saving heart transplant as a teenager as a result of heart failure brought on by a virus.

In this way, did Demi Moore have a child with Ashton Kutcher? The couple have a daughter, Wyatt, who was born in 2014. They welcomed a son, Dimitri, two years later. Speaking on an episode of the “WTF” podcast in 2018, Kunis said her husband still cared deeply about Moore’s daughters. “He was younger, but he loved those kids,” she said.

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