Is Billy Brownless still married?

Personal life. Brownless was married to Nicki. They have two daughters, Lucy and Ruby, and two sons, Oscar and Max.

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Moreover, why is Billy Brownless quitting?

Brownless explained the decision to The Herald Sun: “The time has come to hang up the boots and microphone and to have Sundays off. “I started with the Footy Show with Ed (McGuire), Sam (Newman) and Trev (Marmalade) in the good old days.

Then, what happened between Billy Brownless and Garry Lyon? But Billy Brownless and Garry Lyon appear to have buried the hatchet. The former Footy Show friends-turned-foes fell out in 2016 when Lyon left his wife and began a relationship with Brownless’ estranged wife of 18 years, Nicky. The public fallout caused Lyon to quit The Footy Show and seek treatment for depression.

Beside above, is Billy Brownless in a relationship?

Ex-AFL star Billy Brownless says he is ready to start dating again after his wife Nicky left him heartbroken when she ditched him for his best mate. Former AFL player Billy Brownless opened up about his struggles post-marriage and how he’s finally ready to start dating after his wife left him for his best mate.

Who does Oscar brownless play for?

Former Cat Oscar Brownless to play for the Panthers in 2022.

Averaging 22 disposals in the 2021 VFL Season, the 21-year old played 27 VFL games and kicked nine goals over his three seasons with Geelong.

Is Garry Lyon still with Billy’s wife?

In 2016, Lyon left his wife and started a relationship with Brownless’ wife of 18 years, Nicky.

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