Is Blue Dream CBD?

Description. Blue Dream CBD is a CBD-heavy cultivar created by crossing Blue Dream with California Orange CBD. California-based Humboldt Seeds originated this variant of the very popular Blue Dream strain. The top reported aromas of Blue Dream CBD are sweet fruit, pungent spice, and earth.

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Furthermore, is Girl Scout Cookies an exotic strain?

GSC are an Indica dominant strain of flower, brought to you by the expert cultivators of OG Exotic.

Just so, is Girl Scout Cookies strain good for sleep? Girl Scout Cookies

Experienced consumers looking for a powerful sleep aid might want to consider Girl Scout Cookies, a high-THC, indica-dominant hybrid strain. It’s also rich in caryophyllene, another terpene that might be good for sleep.

Likewise, people ask, is Girl Scout Cookies a high yielding strain?

GSC’s yield is typically described as moderate, with 10 ounces per square meter when grown indoors.

Will Blue Dream CBD get you high?

Since THC can induce a “high” when ingested in large amounts, it is usually low in CBD strains to avoid intoxication. Blue Dream is an exception since it has 10% THC. This amount means Blue Dream will likely cause you to feel high.

Why is GSC strain so popular?

People accept GSC for its low yield and cultivate this Indica-dominant hybrid for the high-quality, potent cannabis it produces. 3. The Flavor – Reminiscent of actual Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies, no other cultivar stands up to this strain’s unique flavor.

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