Is cision publicly traded?

Cision stock is traded on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). When did Cision begin trading on the stock market? Cision’s initial public offering was on June 30, 2017.

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Also, what does Platinum Equity own?

The firm manages four private equity fund vehicles, Platinum Equity Capital Partners, Platinum Equity Capital Partners II, Platinum Equity Capital Partners III, and Platinum Equity Capital Partners IV, a $6.5 billion buyout fund.

Correspondingly, is Platinum Equity publicly traded? Columbus, Ohio Dec. 10, 2019 – Vertiv Holdings LLC (“Vertiv”), a Platinum Equity portfolio company, and a global provider of critical digital infrastructure and continuity solutions, today announced it will become a publicly traded company through a merger with GS Acquisition Holdings Corp (NYSE: GSAH, GSAH.

Herein, who is cision owned by?

Platinum Equity

Is cision worth?

Overall: We have an opinion that this service is a great solution for social media marketing. … Cision is a great service for social media marketing. It has a solid database, flexible and user-friendly interface and many useful tools for marketing.

Is cision a SaaS?

Much like other SaaS solutions transformed finance, HR, sales, & marketing, Cision is a go-to global SaaS platform – Cision Communications Cloud ™ – for communications professionals and is transforming the corporate PR function with a comprehensive end-to-end product suite including distribution, media monitoring, …

Is Platinum Equity a good company?

Platinum is one of the best special situations investment firms in the world and has a great team and leadership. It is a stressful industry, but Platinum was a great place to work. Keyed in ICD codes on medical claims for different states. Verified data for accuracy on claims.

Who owns Platinum?

Tom Gores

Does Platinum Equity still own Vertiv?

In 2016, private equity firm Platinum Equity acquired Emerson’s Network Power division for $4 billion, which it later rebranded as Vertiv. Over the years, Vertiv acquired thermal management company Energy Labs, PDU specialist Geist and UK-based MEMS Power Generation.

How many employees does Platinum Equity have?

112 employees

What did cision used to be called?


Trade name Cision
Industry Technology
Predecessor Cision AB Vocus
Founded 1867
Headquarters Chicago , United States

How much is cision per month?

Comparison overview

Cision Prowly
Pricing From $7200/yr From $189/mo
Contract Length Annually Monthly or annually
Media Database Size 1.4M+ 1M+
Press Release Creator ? ?

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