Is Ipsa a Japanese brand?

Ipsa, established in Japan over 30 years ago, already has a large domestic customer base in Japan, China and across Asia Pacific, and is particularly popular among Chinese millennials. The Ipsa concept centres around customisation through consultation and skincare analysis.

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Besides, what is IPSA brand?

The brand name comes from the Latin word for ” self ” or “spontaneous.” IPSA offers skincare, base makeup, and color makeup in Japan and five other Asian countries/regions. The core skincare line, ME, offers 16 different moisturizer from which consumers can choose with the help of a specialized Recipist*.

Also know, how do I use IPSA skin care? HOW TO

  1. Apply the balm to a cleaned and dried face once or twice a week.
  2. Apply the lotion right after washing off the balm.
  3. Use the lotion every day for the first 14 days even on the days you don’t use the balm.
  4. After that, use both the balm and lotion once or twice a week.

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