Is Jeffree Star blood sugar palette limited edition?

Packed with new and favorite shades of Jeffree’s bestsellers in limited edition packaging. Products Include: Blood Sugar Palette Anniversary Edition. Blood Sugar Mini Palette.

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Just so, is the blood sugar palette worth it?

The shades are striking, creamy, easily blendable, and the color story is distinct and unique. I did buy the palette because* of the red shades. I have been obsessed with red shades for years and could never find a palette or singles of reds that were *true reds, so this palette was a great addition to my collection.

Regarding this, is Jeffree Star thirsty palette discontinued? Jeffree Star announced on Tuesday that his namesake brand, Jeffree Star Cosmetics, will be discontinuing the Thirsty and Alien eye-shadow palettes. The makeup mogul said on Twitter that his brand is doing so to “make room for all the new s— dropping in 2020.”

Keeping this in consideration, how many blood sugar palettes did Jeffree Star sell?

For reference, Star’s top-selling Blood Sugar palette debuted with an order of 100,000 units, he says.

Who is Jeffree Star net worth?

As of 2022, Jeffree Star’s net worth is

Net Worth: $200 Million
Country of Origin: United States of America
Source of Wealth: Entrepreneur/Internet Celebrity
Last Updated: 2021

How many Jeffree Star palettes are there?

As of June 17, 2021, Jeffree Star Cosmetics has 19 eyeshadow palettes (14 main palettes + 5 mini palettes).

Why did Jeffree Star get discontinued?

A Twitter spat between Jeffree Star and Trisha Paytas followed in which he labelled it an “online circus” and claimed he had reached out to Trisha to apologise. This is essentially what led to Jeffree Star being ‘cancelled’, as he describes it.

Is Jeffree Star makeup discontinued?

A statement posted on Jeffree Star Cosmetic’s Instagram account stated the team was “shocked and extremely saddened by the decision” to part ways. “We’ve made the decision to cease all commercial activity related to Jeffree Star and affiliated products.”

Is Jeffree Star still selling makeup?

Star’s cosmetics company is now being sold in TJ Maxx, a bargain retail chain known for reselling outdated and undersold luxury makeup. Star previously mocked his former best friend Kat Von D for having her products sold in TJ Maxx stores, tweeting “KVD will be a TJ MAXXX exclusive in 2019 I heard!!” in December 2018.

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