Is Journal of Aging Research peer-reviewed?

Journal of Aging Research is a peerreviewed, Open Access journal that publishes original research articles, review articles and clinical studies on all aspects of gerontology and geriatric medicine.

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Subsequently, what is aging journal?

Aging is a bimonthly peer-reviewed open access bio-medical journal covering research on all aspects of gerontology. The journal was established in 2009 and is published by Impact Journals.

Besides, what is the gerontologist? The Gerontologist, published since 1961, is a journal of The Gerontological Society of America that provides a multidisciplinary perspective on human aging by publishing research and analysis on applied social issues.

Correspondingly, why is the population getting older?

Population aging is driven by declines in fertility and improvements in health and longevity. In more developed countries, declines in fertility that began in the early 1900s have resulted in current fertility levels below the population replacement rate of two live births per woman.

How do you find predatory journals?

6 Ways to Spot a Predatory Journal

  1. Always check the website thoroughly. …
  2. Check if the journal is a member of DOAJ, COPE, OASPA or STM. …
  3. Check the journal’s contact information. …
  4. Research the editorial board. …
  5. Take a look at their peer review process and publication timelines. …
  6. Read through past issues of the journal.

What is the good impact factor?

In most fields, the impact factor of 10 or greater is considered an excellent score while 3 is flagged as good and the average score is less than 1.

How do you stop aging?

11 ways to reduce premature skin aging

  1. Protect your skin from the sun every day. …
  2. Apply self-tanner rather than get a tan. …
  3. If you smoke, stop. …
  4. Avoid repetitive facial expressions. …
  5. Eat a healthy, well-balanced diet. …
  6. Drink less alcohol. …
  7. Exercise most days of the week. …
  8. Cleanse your skin gently.

Is aging a predatory Journal?

Journals with aging in the title represent 36%, geriatrics 30% and gerontology 23%. Less than 10% have been identified as predatory journals. An expected increase in journals in the broad field of aging is indicated by the 49% of listed titles beginning in 2000 or later.

Is gerontologist a doctor?

Gerontologists aren’t medical doctors. They’re professionals who specialize in issues of aging or professionals in various fields from dentistry and psychology to nursing and social work who study and may receive certification in gerontology.

What exactly does a gerontologist do?

Gerontologists are responsible for educating other health professionals, community practitioners, as well as the community at large about the process of aging and how to age well by giving informative presentations, publishing books and articles about aging and health, and producing relevant films and television …

How do I become a gerontologist?

While it is not required to get a master’s degree in order to become a gerontologist, doing so will afford you better career opportunities and higher paying positions. Most gerontologists begin with a bachelor’s degree in psychology, nursing, or social work, with a select few going on to complete their master’s.

Which country is aging the fastest?

Top 50 Countries With the Largest Number of Older Adults

Country % 65+*
1 Japan 28.2
2 Italy 22.8
3 Finland 21.9
4 Portugal 21.8

Which countries are aging the fastest?

Table. Top-10 Countries With the Oldest Populations Vary by Measurement Used

Share of the Population Ages 65 and Older, 2015
Rank Country %
1 Japan 26.0
2 Italy 22.4
3 Germany 21.1

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