Is lumene a good brand?

If you are looking for a dependable line of natural products, Lumene is your one-stop solution. Lumene is a very popular brand in Finland and Scandinavia that offers both makeup and skincare products. Each product contains pH-balanced, oxygen-rich, Pure Arctic Spring Water that deeply hydrates the skin.

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Consequently, is lumene good for skin?

Offering both makeup and skincare, each Lumene product contains the oxygen-rich, pH balanced, pure Arctic spring water which features in the Nordic [Valo] range and creates radiant and healthy skin.

Just so, is lumene natural? All our skincare formulas are 100% vegan and cruelty-free. We work everyday in making our beauty products even more natural with a great efficacy, safety and sensoriality. Some of our formulas contain as high level as 100% of naturally derived ingredients.

Keeping this in consideration, does CVS sell Lumene products?

Lumene Arctic Lumenessence Valo Light SPF 15 Day Moisturizer, 1.7 OZ – CVS Pharmacy.

Which lumene Moisturiser is best?

Shop the five best-selling Lumene products below.

  • Lumene Valo Glow Boost Vitamin C Hyaluronic Essence $25.
  • Lumene Kaunis Invisible Illumination Instant Glow Beauty Serum $27.
  • Lumene Lähde Hydration Recovery Aerating Gel Mask $15.
  • Lumene Sisu Moisture Remedy Day and Night Cream $30.

What are the best vitamin C serum?

Behold: The best brightening vitamin C serums to add to your skincare routine.

  • Best Overall: SkinCeuticals C E Ferulic. …
  • Runner-Up, Best Budget: Paula’s Choice C15 Super Booster. …
  • Best for Oily Skin: SkinCeuticals Phloretin CF. …
  • Best for Acne-Prone Skin: Sunday Riley C.E.O.

Is lumene alcohol free?

It’s totally chemical-free, which means no alcohol, sulphates or parabens, and won’t annoy even the most easily-irritated complexions. Born in Finland (and big in the states), this Insta-worthy beauty brand is actually famed for its glow-giving skincare line – we hear its illuminating serums are the stuff of legend.

How do you use Lumene products?

What is Lumene Vitamin C?

Lumene Nordic-C [Valo] Vitamin C Glow Boost Essence 30ml

A super concentrated, miracle boosting serum for brighter-looking, intensely hydrated skin. Contains our unique new Nordic-C radiance enhancing and energizing technology with berry extract from Antioxidant-rich Wild Arctic Cloudberry and Vitamin C.

Who is lumene owned by?

Langholm Capital LLP

Is lumene ethical?

We do not carry out or commission animal testing on raw materials, ingredients or Lumene makeup and skincare products at any point in the product development or manufacturing process. As a Finnish company we comply with the EU cosmetics legislation that bans testing on animals.

Is lumene Finnish?

Lumene was established in 1970, taking its name from Finland’s Lake Lummenne. Most of the products are still made in the Finnish city of Espoo, and the formulations draw upon natural ingredients from the Nordic landscape, from Arctic spring water to cloudberries, birch sap and pine bark.

Does Ulta sell Lumene products?

Lumene Time Freeze V-Shaping Serum | Ulta Beauty.

Where can I buy Lumene CC Cream?

Lumene CC Color Correcting Cream SPF20, 1 OZ – CVS Pharmacy.

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