What do you do after the Keto Reboot?

Drink some water rest and see how you feel. You don’t have to eat if you’re not hungry. So like today, if you are breaking your reboot and you’re done, you don’t have to go eat every two hours. That was, you know, people were taught that years and years ago, every two hours, you have to eat to reset your metabolism.

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Considering this, what is the fastest way to break a Keto Reboot?

Keto Reboot – Breaking the Fast

It’s recommended you break your fast with some bone broth and some scrambled eggs.

Subsequently, do you eat during the Keto Reboot? The goal of the Keto Reboot is to reprogram your body to burn fat as fuel and preserve muscle at the same time. It is better than a typical cleanse in that it reboots your system into its’ native state to create lasting ketogenic benefits. You do not have to be following a Ketogenic diet in order to reboot your system.

Beside this, how do you use 60 Hour keto reboot?

Your Reboot Schedule:

You will drink water and take 3 Signal OS PM before bed. Get a good night’s sleep and let’s get going! When you wake up Monday, drink your caffeine Keto NAT, your Signal OS and your MitoPlex electrolyte. As you fast and drink more water, you’ll need those extra electrolytes!

When can I eat after the Keto Reboot?

What should I eat for my first meal after completing the Keto Reboot? Since your digestive system has gone 60 hours without food, it’s important not to rush into eating large meals after finishing the 60 hours. Start with your KETO//OS® PRO™ (OS Pro Protones) which is high quality protein and ketone mix.

What do you eat after the keto diet?

“As you transition off the ketogenic diet, start to slowly decrease your fat intake while upping your intake of lean proteins, vegetables, and wholesome carbohydrates, like fresh fruit, whole grains, and beans,” she says. White refined grains and sugars should still be limited.

How do I get my keto back after carb binge?

In fact, nutritionists say these seven tips can help get you back into ketosis in no time.

  1. Let go of a perfectionist mind-set. …
  2. Have a game plan. …
  3. Set reasonable, achievable goals. …
  4. Don’t quit carbs ‘cold turkey’ …
  5. Use salt during the transition. …
  6. Stay hydrated. …
  7. Try a more sustainable version of keto.

Can you have a cheat day on keto?

You should avoid cheat meals and days on the keto diet. Consuming too many carbs can kick your body out of ketosis — and it takes several days to 1 week to get back into it. In the meantime, your weight loss may be disrupted.

Can I have a cheat meal once a week on keto?

While it is OK to cheat once in a while on special occasions, you shouldn’t cheat once a week on keto. Simply because one cheat day can kick you out of ketosis for up to 3 days. Hence, you would limit the results drastically by cheating once a week on keto.

Can you drink coffee 60 hour reboot?

Ingesting caffeine will give your body more work to do and could therefore hinder or lessen the overall effectiveness of the Reboot. For those losing significant amounts of weight during the Reboot you will want to give this concept and cutting out caffeine extra thought.

How do you do a Keto Reboot?

Your 24- or 60-hour keto reboot should include drinking plenty of water, increasing your exercise regimen, drastically increasing your fat intake, and trying an intermittent fast. During this time, be sure to get enough electrolytes, get enough sleep, and don’t exercise too much.

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