What do you say when you sell Girl Scout Cookies?

When someone answers the door, tell them who you are and what you’re selling. Make sure to be friendly, as you don’t want to come across as rude, say“Hi, my name is ______, I am in Girl Scout troop ______, and would you like to buy some Girl Scout cookies?” would be an appropriate opening line.

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Also to know is, how do I start selling Girl Scout Cookies?

If you know a Girl Scout, tell her you’re interested in becoming a Digital Cookie customer—and she’ll take it from there. If you don’t know a Girl Scout, visit www.girlscoutcookies.org. Only registered Girl Scouts can sell Girl Scout Cookies.

Accordingly, how many cookies should a Girl Scout sell? How Much Do I Order? Troops should plan their sale with a specific goal of selling enough cookies to generate the proceeds they need for planned activities or by using an average number of boxes girls can be asked to sell. The per girl average in 2021 was 265 boxes of cookies sold by each girl.

People also ask, how do you sell Girl Scout Cookies door to door?


Consider leaving a doorknob order (download PDF) card with your Digital Cookie URL or QR code for customers to order to limit face-to-face contact with customers. SET UP CONTACTLESS PAYMENT Use the contactless payment option through the Digital Cookie Mobile App. New this year!

Can I post Girl Scout Cookies on Facebook?

Girls may only post about their participation in the Digital Cookie program on social media sites that allow them to restrict access to friends and family (e.g. Facebook), and not to social media sites open to anyone (e.g. Craigslist or e-Bay, Front Porch, Auction sites, on-line Yard Sales and Garage Sale sites).

How much do Girl Scouts make per box of cookies?

75¢ and . 90¢ per box, depending upon the average number of boxes sold per girl. Older girl troops (Junior – Ambassador) may collectively choose to take an additional . 05¢ per box instead of individual girl rewards, but girls will still earn patches and the higher non-LBB rewards.

How much does it cost to buy a box of Girl Scout Cookies?


How much of Girl Scout cookie sales goes to the troop?

60% is invested in girls through programs, properties, volunteer support & training, financial assistance, and council services. 21% goes towards the Girl Scout Cookie Program and baker costs. 19% goes towards troop proceeds and girl rewards.

When can you sell Girl Scout Cookies?

The Girl Scout Cookie season officially runs from January through April but varies by local councils across the country.

What do Girl Scouts do with cookie money?

Girl Scouts selling Girl Scout Cookies set their own money-earning goals for the season. They may decide to donate troop proceeds to a local animal shelter or use their hard-earned money to help fund a back-to-nature wilderness adventure.

How much do Girl Scout Cookies cost 2022?

To maintain and expand our high-quality programming and services for girls and adults, the price for cookies has been increased by $1 to $5 for core cookies and $6 for specialty cookies (S’mores, Toffee-tastic).

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