What does area of aging help with?

The Area Agency on Aging is a conglomerate of organizations that are networked across the United States. Their goal is to provide assistance and access to resources for the senior population found in their localities. In short, they are a gateway organization that helps seniors on the local level.

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In respect to this, what is the PA Aging Waiver Program?

The Pennsylvania Aging Waiver provides services to keep persons in their homes instead of requiring nursing home care. … To be eligible for LIFE, the applicant must be age 55 or older, Nursing Facility Clinically Eligible, financially eligible, and able to be safely served in community.

Then, what does the PA Department of Aging do? Connects Pennsylvania seniors and adults with disabilities to benefits, services, and programs including home delivered meals, caregiver support, preventative health services, personal assistance, transportation, job training, elder abuse prevention, assistance paying for prescription medications and more.

People also ask, what does the secretary of aging do?

Under the umbrella of the California Health and Human Services Agency, the California Department of Aging (CDA) administers programs that serve older adults, adults with disabilities, family caregivers, and residents in long-term care facilities throughout the State.

How can seniors get free ensure?

Senior citizen food programs

Not only can a senior citizen get a free, nutritious USDA approved hot meal or lunch or grocery bag of Ensure nutritional supplements, but they can also have the opportunity to socialize with their peers.

What services do local agencies provide for senior citizens?

Seniors can apply through their local agency on aging to receive help with their routine household chores, such as shopping, doing laundry, general house cleaning, preparing meals, and yard work such as mowing grass, raking leaves, pulling weeds, and clearing snow.

How do I get a waiver in PA?

Call the PA Independent Enrollment Broker (PA IEB) at 1-877-550-4227. Learn more about Home and Community Based Waiver Services. Tell PA IEB you want to apply for waiver services and schedule your first in-home visit. Read the list of papers you need for the first in-home visit.

Does PA Medicaid pay for assisted living?

Pennsylvania’s Medicaid program will pay for a nursing home or home care if you have limited income and assets and your doctor certifies that you need the care. Nursing homes and assisted living facilities in Pennsylvania are expensive, and even alternative long-term care like home health care can be costly.

What age is senior citizen in PA?

65 and older

Are there any laws or aid given to the elderly in the US?

Aid For The Aged: Title I of the Social Security Act

Title I of the 1935 Social Security Act created a program, called Old Age Assistance (OAA), which would give cash payments to poor elderly people, regardless of their work record. OAA provided for a federal match of state old-age assistance expenditures.

What is Older Americans Month?

Every year in May, Older Americans Month recognizes the contributions of older adults across the nation. While raising families and building careers, older Americans also gave back to their communities in a variety of ways. … Older Americans Month also serves to raise awareness concerning elder abuse and neglect.

Who is the head of the Department of Aging?

Director Ursel J. McElroy

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