What does FPA stand for in finance?

What is FP&A and what do FP&A Professionals do? Financial planning and analysis (FP&A) is the budgeting, forecasting and analytical processes that support an organisation’s financial health and business strategy.

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People also ask, what is FPA membership?

Membership. Overview. As a qualified PA you can join the Faculty of Physician Associates (FPA) and be part of a professional membership body that campaigns for progress and change in the profession, advises government and takes part in national debates on medical, clinical and public health issues.

Then, what does CFP stand for? Certified Financial Planner

Hereof, how do you become a member of the FPA?


  1. Be a current FPA member and have successfully completed the CFP Certification Program.
  2. Have at least three years’ relevant industry experience (including one year as an authorised rep)
  3. Hold an undergraduate degree or higher.

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