What does Platinum Equity own?

The firm manages four private equity fund vehicles, Platinum Equity Capital Partners, Platinum Equity Capital Partners II, Platinum Equity Capital Partners III, and Platinum Equity Capital Partners IV, a $6.5 billion buyout fund.

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Also to know is, is Platinum Equity a good company?

Platinum is one of the best special situations investment firms in the world and has a great team and leadership. It is a stressful industry, but Platinum was a great place to work. Keyed in ICD codes on medical claims for different states. Verified data for accuracy on claims.

In this manner, how much is Platinum Equity worth? The transaction with HNA is valued at $7.2 billion. The sale is expected to be completed by the first half of 2021, subject to HNA shareholder and customary regulatory approvals.

Furthermore, how many employees does Platinum Equity have?

112 employees

Who owns Platinum?

Tom Gores

Who purchased Ingram Micro?

HNA Group

Who owns the Detroit Pistons?

owner Tom Gores

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