What does the department of aging do?

A goal of the Department on Aging is to provide information, education and assistance to older adults, their caregivers and to the various target groups that have a stake in an aging society.

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In this regard, what is the local Area Agency on Aging?

An Area Agency on Aging (AAA) is a public or private nonprofit agency designated by a state to address the needs and concerns of all older persons at the regional and local levels. … AAAs may be categorized as a county, city, regional planning council or council of governments, private, or nonprofit.

Correspondingly, what is the Age for senior citizens in Missouri?

65 years of age

People also ask, what is AAA funding?

What Is AAA? AAA is the highest possible rating that may be assigned to an issuer’s bonds by any of the major credit rating agencies. AAA-rated bonds have a high degree of creditworthiness because their issuers are easily able to meet financial commitments and have the lowest risk of default.

What is available to senior citizens?

A wide range of state assistance programs are generally available to eligible seniors, including home health aides and skilled nursing care, home-delivered meals, help with household chores, transportation to shopping and medical appointments, as well as counseling, advocacy and legal aid.

How can I help senior citizens financially?

Below we’ve listed six of these resources and charities you can turn to when you are in need of emergency financial assistance.

  1. Volunteers of America. …
  2. Senior Living. …
  3. Feeding America. …
  4. Retirement Jobs. …
  5. Dental Lifeline Network. …
  6. Crowdfunding to help senior citizens. …
  7. iCanConnect. …
  8. USDA Housing Repair Grants.

What is AAA elderly?

What is a AAA? The 28 area agencies on aging (AAA) provide services to help people age 60 and older, their family members and caregivers receive the information and assistance they need in locating and accessing community services. Services include: Information, referral and assistance.

How many area agencies on aging are there in the United States?

Area Agencies on Aging (AAAs) is a network of approximately 622 non-profit organizations nationwide. They serve the elderly population (60+) of their local areas. Most agencies serve a specific geographic area of several neighboring counties. Although a few offer services statewide.

Why was the Older American Act created?

Congress passed the Older Americans Act (OAA) in 1965 in response to concern by policymakers about a lack of community social services for older persons.

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