What happened with ColourPop and Becky G?

Becky G Got a Lot of Flak for Her Latest Makeup Collaboration With ColourPop. Becky G came under fire for copyright infringement. The singer’s latest makeup collaboration, Becky G x ColourPop Hola Chola was released on Thursday, Dec. 12.

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Moreover, where can I buy Becky G Hola Chola?


Furthermore, what makeup does Becky G wear? Becky G gets a box of MAC Selena makeup products. Becky G did her makeup with COVERGIRL Lipslicks Smoochies Lip Balm ($3.49 – $4.99) and COVERGIRL Clean Whipped Crème Foundation ($6.99).

Consequently, what lipgloss does Becky G use?

Becky G posted a picture of her COVERGIRL Wetslicks Lip Gloss (discontinued) and COVERGIRL Blast Flipstick Two-Sided Lipstick ($7.99). “For tonights show I’m using my @covergirl wetslicks and Blast Flipstick :)” she wrote.

What happened to ColourPop?

Nothing lasts forever, and this brand is proving it to their fans the hard way. In order to make room for new launches, ColourPop is discontinuing over 50 products. I’m talking staple lip colors and kits that you will definitely want to stock up on.

Is the Hola Chola collection sold out?

Sadly, the collection was so popular, it sold out in less than a week post-launch, and the brand doesn’t have plans to restock at the moment.

Does Becky G have colored eyes?

“Becky’s got such an amazing bone structure that it’s easy to do,” he said. With a golden glow befitting of a pop goddess in place, Ortega turned his attention to Becky’s eyes. “Becky has big, beautiful brown eyes,” he said.

Does Becky G have a makeup line?

Less than a year after launching, Becky G’s Treslúce Beauty is joining the likes of Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty and other celebrity makeup lines that are available at Ulta Beauty.

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