What is a Post Employment health Plan?

Post Employment Health Plan (PEHP) is a tax-free, defined-contribution health reimbursement arrangement. It allows for money to be set aside to pay for future medical expenses. … Both PEHP and the VEBA Trust have a Tax Determination Letter providing for a favorable tax exempt status.

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In this regard, what is a PEHP Plan?

PEHP is a health reimbursement arrangement that puts aside money for you now to help pay for qualified medical expenses later.

Similarly, what is a VEBA Trust? A Voluntary Employees’ Beneficiary Association (VEBA) plan is a type of tax-exempt trust used by its members and eligible dependents to pay for eligible medical expenses. The plan is typically funded by an employer.

Furthermore, what does post employment mean?

Post employment is a term used by the Government Accounting Standards Board in the reporting of benefits after a state, federal or local official leaves their position.

What is a 501c9?

A voluntary employees’ beneficiary association under Internal Revenue Code section 501(c)(9) is an organization organized to pay life, sick, accident, or similar benefits to members or their dependents, or designated beneficiaries.

What type of insurance is Pehp?

A Post Employment Health Plan (PEHP) account is a benefit that has been established for you, your spouse, and/or your qualified dependents, by your employer when you separate from service.

What does Pehp stand for?


Acronym Definition
PEHP Post Employment Health Plan
PEHP Public Employee Health Plan
PEHP Planet Earth Home Page
PEHP Physical Education and Health Promotion (various locations)

What is Pehp Summit care?

The PEHP Summit Network is based primarily around non-Intermountain Healthcare facilities and practitioners. The network includes 35 hospitals, the University of Utah, Steward Health, and Mountain Star facilities. This network also includes Primary Children’s Medical Center and all rural IHC facilities.

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