What is an aging tank?

AGEING TANKS – Stainless steel tanks, cooled by circulating of chilled water (compressor not included), complete with a slow stirrer and a sloping bottom. They are studied specically to bring to maturity a mixture of ice cream in a constant temperature of +4C keeping homogeneous the mass, contents of the tank.

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Correspondingly, what is an ice cream ageing tank?

The FIC ageing tank is necessary to keep the icecream mix at 4°C. It has a slow stirrer and uses cold water or freon by request as the refrigerant (if freon is used, the refrigerating unit can also be supplied). The refrigerating fluid feeds the PILLOW PLATE exchanger which is integrated into the tank.

Beside above, how do you use a continuous freezer? By scraping frozen mix from the inside of a drum and pumping air into the mix as it freezes, a continuous freezer improves heat transfer and allows for higher volumes of air in the mix. This process produces a continuous stream of ice cream or dessert and allows accurate control.

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