What is ConnectiCare health insurance?

ConnectiCare is a top performing health plan available to the residents of Connecticut. It belongs to the New York-based healthcare group EmblemHealth, which is one of the largest nonprofit healthcare providers in the U.S. Plans are available for individuals. The product line includes HMO, POS, PPO, HSA, and HRA plans.

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Moreover, what type of insurance is ConnectiCare?

ConnectiCare offers a full range of health insurance options, including HMO, PPO, HSA, and individual products. We continually develop new plans to meet the changing demands of consumers, government, and business.

Besides, is ConnectiCare a good insurance? In spite of claims of excellent ratings, ConnectiCare has a D- rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB). The rating is a result of failing to respond to six of the complaints registered against the company, although there have only been a total of 13 complaints in the past three years.

Correspondingly, is ConnectiCare Medicaid?

ConnectiCare is a managed care company that provides Medicare Advantage (Part C) plans throughout Connecticut. Every ConnectiCare Part C plan covers as least as much as original Medicare, plus some extras like prescription drug, dental, and vision coverage.

Is Medicare a husky?

HUSKY A is a Medicaid program that covers children, their parents and pregnant women. … HUSKY C provides Medicaid coverage for people with disabilities, low-income seniors who also have Medicare, and people receiving long-term care.

What is the best health insurance in CT?

NCQA Health Insurance Plan Ratings 2018-2019 – Summary Report (Private)

Rating Plan Name States
4.0 Cigna Health and Life Insurance Company – Connecticut CT
4.0 Oxford Health Insurance Company, Inc. ( Connecticut) CT
4.0 Oxford Health Plans (CT), Inc. CT
3.5 Aetna Life Insurance Company (Connecticut) CT

How do I check my ConnectiCare eligibility?

To determine copayment requirement, call ConnectiCare’s Eligibility & Referral Line at 1-800-562-6834.

What is CT Medicaid?

Medicaid (also known as Title 19 or Title XIX) is a federal and state funded medical assistance program offered by the Connecticut Department of Social Services (DSS) for certain low-income families and individuals. … For those eligible, Medicaid covers most medical care services.

Is ConnectiCare a Medicare?

ConnectiCare, Inc. is an HMO/HMO-POS plan with a Medicare contract. … ConnectiCare Insurance Company, Inc. is an HMO D-SNP plan with a Medicare contract and a contract with the Connecticut Medicaid Program. Enrollment in ConnectiCare depends on contract renewal.

Does ConnectiCare cover vision?

Vision discounts

If you wear glasses or contacts, ConnectiCare’s Vision Discount Program may be able to save you hundreds of dollars each year. Members can get discounts on frames, lenses, and prescription contacts when using a participating optician.

Does ConnectiCare cover gym memberships?

Fitness and wellness – ConnectiCare members can get discounts on acupuncture, nutrition counseling, gym memberships, massage therapy, and more. … In-person service – ConnectiCare is the only health plan in Connecticut with centers where you can sit down and talk to a person.

How do I contact ConnectiCare?

Member Services

1-800-224-2273 (TTY: 711) from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. seven days a week.

How do I apply for ConnectiCare insurance?

1, visit our website to shop for plans and enroll. Talk to a health insurance broker, make an appointment at a ConnectiCare center, or call us at 1-800-723-2986.

Is ConnectiCare only in Connecticut?

(ESI) for our pharmacy program. ConnectiCare uses Express Scripts, a national pharmacy benefit manager (PBM) with a national network of over 50,000 pharmacies nationwide and 600 in Connecticut.

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