What is fidelis Mltc?

Fidelis Care at Home is a Managed Long Term Care (MLTC) plan for people who need long term care services and help to live independently in their own homes and communities. … Services include nursing, home health aides, therapy, medical supplies, adult day social care, and much more.

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Hereof, what is fidelis managed care?

Medicaid Managed Care offers comprehensive coverage with no copays for covered services and no monthly premium for those who qualify.

Then, what does Mltc cover? All MLTC plans arrange and pay for the following health and long-term care services (as long as they are medically necessary): … Home Care, including Nursing, Home Health Aide, Occupational, Physical and Speech Therapies. Optometry/Eyeglasses. Dental Services.

Herein, is Fidelis Care the same as Medicaid?

Additional Information. For a complete listing of plans in your service area, contact the plan. Fidelis Care is contracted with Medicare for HMO, HMO D-SNP, and HMO-POS plans, and with the state Medicaid program.

How do I know if my Fidelis is active?

Call Member Services at 1-888-FIDELIS (1-888-343-3547).

What is the best Medicaid plan in NY?

NCQA Health Insurance Plan Ratings 2017-2018 – Summary Report (Medicaid)

Rating Plan Name Consumer Satisfaction
4.0 WellCare of New York, Inc. 2.5
3.5 UnitedHealthcare of New York, Inc. d/b/a/UnitedHealthcare Community Plan 2.5
3.5 YourCare Health Plan 3.5
Partial Data Reported Affinity Health Plan I

Is Fidelis a managed care plan?

Coverage is provided through Medicaid Managed Care, Qualified Health Plans, Child Health Plus, Essential Plan, Health and Recovery Plan, Managed Long Term Care, Medicare Advantage, Dual Advantage, and Medicaid Advantage Plus.

Is Fidelis part of Obamacare?

As of 2018,

Formation 1993
Parent organization Centene Corporation
Staff 4,550 (est.)
Website www.fideliscare.org

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