What is optimal Blue mortgage?

LoanSifter by Optimal Blue operates the mortgage industry’s digital marketplace which connects lenders, investors and providers with comprehensive secondary marketing solutions, market leading capabilities and value-added services that deliver results.

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Moreover, what is Optimal Blue?

Optimal Blue LLC provides managed-content, product eligibility, and pricing engine technology. The Company offers a mortgage automation platform that allows to automate pipeline management and loan searches for lender as well as to price and lock loans in real time for consumers and originators.

Besides, how much does Optimal Blue Cost? Subscriptions start at just $79/month and users can also opt for a direct LOS integration for only an additional $20/month.

In this regard, how many employees does Optimal Blue have?

300 employees

Who owns Optimal Blue?


What is optimal blue used for?

EFFECTIVELY MANAGE PIPELINES, MITIGATE RISK & TRADE LOANS PROFITABLY. Harnesses the power of the industry’s only fully integrated hedge analytics and loan trading platform to manage pipelines, mitigate risk, improve profitability, and ensure the highest gain on every sale.

What does PPE stand for mortgage?

A Product & Pricing Engine (PPE) allows loan origination teams to aggregate their company’s approved lenders and then calculate mortgage pricing options in real-time. With a PPE, loan officers can quickly calculate the best pricing options for their borrowers and update them instantly.

What is PPE in mortgage?

A mortgage pricing engine (PPE) gives you access to the accurate, real-time mortgage prices that your borrowers need. Not only will this save you time during the loan process, providing mortgage pricing is the first step toward earning a borrower’s business.

How much does Loansifter cost?

Loansifter PPE Pricing Overview

Loansifter PPE pricing starts at $79.00 per user, per month. They do not have a free version. Loansifter PPE does not offer a free trial.

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