What is the best message for sister?

Sis, I love you because the joy you bring me is absolutely priceless. I like to watch you smile because your smile means the world to me. Sis, you’re the best. Sister, I love you for always being my best friend and a blessing to me.

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Likewise, how do you wish an engagement?

Engagement Wishes

  1. May your joining together bring you more joy than you can imagine.
  2. May your love for each other only strengthen as time goes by.
  3. May your love shine brighter and your companionship grow richer with each passing day.
  4. May you both be blessed with lifelong happiness.
Beside above, what do you say when your brother gets engaged? Dear Brother, may both of you forever be blessed with love, joy, happiness, health and a long life together. Happy engagement my brother! I love you. It is so beautiful and inspiring to see such an amazing couple getting engaged.

Just so, how can I show love to my sister?

But even though telling your sister that you love her is wonderful, here are nine creative ways to show your sister that you love her:

  1. Be there for her. …
  2. Support her dreams. …
  3. Give her a gift. …
  4. Love the people your sister loves. …
  5. Spend time with your sister. …
  6. Keep her secrets. …
  7. Defend your sister. …
  8. Forgive your sister.

How do you make your sister feel special?


  1. Don’t make fun of her. …
  2. If you can, try to get your little sister a present once in a while. …
  3. If she has a friend over that is a boy, don’t tease her about him being her boyfriend. …
  4. Tell her that you love her often. …
  5. Show respect and show that you have time for her. …
  6. Include her in things you do. …
  7. Have fun with her.

Do you say congrats for engagement?

It’s also a way of recognizing and supporting someone’s happiness and good fortune. … When people congratulate engaged or married couples they’re invoking the second definition of the word, offering best wishes and acknowledging the couple’s happiness.

What should I Caption my engagement photos?

Cute Engagement Captions

  • The easiest “Yes” I’ve ever said.
  • Does this ring make me look engaged?
  • We’ll be the cutest old couple ever.
  • All the feels.
  • We’re getting married (!!!!)
  • The beginning of forever.
  • My person… for life.
  • I said yaaaaaas.

How do I wish my sister an engagement anniversary?

Dear Sister, Happy Engagement Anniversary to you! I feel so relieved to see your happy and successful married life. You two are adorable together! Sister, your marriage is truly an inspiration, and it had all started with your beautiful engagement!

What it means to be a brother?

Being a brother means building and breaking bridges, celebrating victories and mourning losses together. Being a brother means so many different things to so many people, but it all comes back to passion and compassion.

How do you congratulate your best friend on their engagement?

Engagement Wishes to a Friend

  1. May you bring each other as much happiness as your friendship has brought to my life—and more!
  2. Congratulations to a wonderful friend on his/her new fiance.
  3. So happy for the both of you. …
  4. Of all the big life events we’ve celebrated together, this one tops the list.

How do I invite my office colleagues for engagement?

I cordially invite you and your family to my engagement ceremony with (Name Of Bride/Groom) to be held at my residence tomorrow from 11 am. I would eagerly await your gracious presence at the beautiful occasion as we vow to unite for life. Our little girl is now all grown up and about to set out on a new journey.

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