What is the difference between PFP and CFP?

Holders of the CFP must complete 25 hours of continuing education (CE) each year. The PFP designation is for bankers, mutual fund reps and investment advisors. Overseen by the CSI, the PFP originally was for bank employees who offer financial advice.

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Besides, what is CSI course?

CSI offers over 170 courses in the areas of retail banking, financial planning and insurance, investment management and trading, wealth management and private banking, business banking, and management, supervision, and compliance. … CSI’s most popular designation is its Canadian Securities Course.

Also question is, what’s the difference between CFA and CFP? The primary difference between a CFA and CFP is in who they work with and the type of work they do. A CFA often works with corporate clients on the investment analysis side, while a CFP works with individual investors in building a financial plan.

Just so, how long is CSC valid for?

three years

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