What is Tweexy?

tweexy fits every size and shape nail polish bottle on the market. bring your polish closer with no spills, smudges or mess. shop tweexy.

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Correspondingly, how do you use Tweexy?

Simply slide tweexy on your other hand if the nails are dry, or use the ‘squeeze tabs’ to open the rings wide, then place tweexy directly on the fingers of the hand you will polish.

In this way, who invented Tweexy? Makers Mark Miclette and Liz Boyle came up with tweexy one day at the beach. They noticed a sunbather struggling to paint her nails without spilling, and realized that a wearable nail polish holder was the answer.

Secondly, how do you make a nail polish holder?

Where can I buy a Tweexy nail polish holder?


How do you make a nail polish rack out of a picture frame?

How do you make a nail display?

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