What is Yubo used for?

Yubo, formerly Yellow, is a social media app encouraging teens to find new friends by allowing them to swipe left or right to connect and live stream.

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People also ask, is there Yubo for adults?

Yubo consists of two communities, one for young people aged 13–17 and an adult community for people aged 18 and over. Members of one community can only interact with other people in their group and cannot communicate with anyone of the opposite community for safety reasons and child protection.

Also question is, what type of app is Yubo?

social media app

Moreover, does Yubo have an age limit?

Yes, users have to be over the age of 13 and must have parental permission. To further protect young people, teenage Yubo users have their own community that is separate from adults who use the app.

Is Yubo sketchy?

Is the Yubo app dangerous? Is the Yubo app safe for teens? No, the Yubo app is unsafe, and it is dangerous because it allows teens to meet strangers online. There are many fake profiles and sexual predators hidden online and pretend to normal app users.

Is Yubo only for teenagers?

Poor Age Restrictions/Privacy Settings: Although the terms and conditions state that Yubo is strictly for users above 13, there is no credible age-gate that can prevent a young child from joining the platform.

Is there a friend limit on Yubo?

Yubo also now has a Live feature, meaning that users can create a live video with up to four ‘friends’.

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