What number is NYX nude truffle?


Gender Female
Manufacturer Part Number 308999
Color 55 – Nude Truffle
Container Type WRAP

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In respect to this, is NYX lip liner good?

It’s a good lip liner. It matches my red lipstick really well. … It stays on longer than my lipstick. I recommend coloring in your whole lip with this liner before applying lipstick if you are using it with NYX lipstick.

People also ask, how much are NYX lip liners? Compare with similar items
This item NYX Lipliner Pencil – Set of 6 The Bestselle NYX Slim Lip Liner Pencil Mauve (SPL831)
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Customer Rating 3.9 out of 5 stars (26) 4.8 out of 5 stars (33)
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Considering this, does CVS have NYX lip liner?

NYX Professional Makeup Suede Matte Lip LinerCVS Pharmacy.

Is NYX cruelty free?

Compassion for living beings is at the core of our brand, which is why NYX Professional Makeup is certified by PETA as crueltyfree. This means we do not test our products or ingredients on animals, nor do we ask anyone to test on our behalf.

Can you use eyeliner as lip liner?

Many people always ask this question: can eyeliner be used as lip liner? The answer is a ‘Yes’; you can use them right away as lip liners keeping in mind that moisturizing is the key to the application.

Which lip liner lasts the longest?

13 Best Lip Liners

  1. Covergirl Farewell Feathering Lip Liner. …
  2. Milani Color Statement Lipliner. …
  3. Haus Laboratories By lady Gaga: RIP Lip Liner. …
  4. Revlon Colorstay Lipliner. …
  5. Rimmel Exaggerate Lip Liner. …
  6. Buxom Plumpline Lip Liner. …
  7. Palladio Lip Liner. …
  8. Beauty For Real D-Fine Lip Liner Pencil.

Which brand lip liner is best?

10 Best Lip Liner Brands Available in India

  1. Lakme 9 to 5 Lip Liners. The Lakme 9 to 5 lip liners are worth buying. …
  2. MAC Lip Pencils. …
  3. Colorbar Definer Lip Liners. …
  4. Rimmel Exaggerated Automatic Lip Liners. …
  5. Lotus Herbals Seduction Lip Contour Definers. …
  6. Maybelline Colorsensational Lip Liners. …
  7. L’oreal Paris Contour Parfait Lip Liners. …
  8. Max Factor Color Elixir Lip Liners.

What color lip liner is best?

Choose a lip liner that’s close to your natural lip color

When it comes to pairing lip liner with lipstick, the general rule of thumb is to go one or two shades lighter than your lipstick – and a shade that is from the same color family.

Is NYX lip liner eye safe?

The answer is pretty shocking. Turns out you should never, ever use a lip liner as an eyeliner. … That means no lipstick, blush, lip liner, or general color product should ever go near your eyes. At best, you risk mild eye irritation.

Which NYX lipliner is best?

Top 4 Nyx Lip Pencils

  • Nude Pink (857) Matte pale pink with blue undertones. Perfect for everyday wear.
  • Deep Purple (808) Matte Burgundy. Very on trend this Fall!
  • Fuchsia (816) Bright pink with blue undertones. Perfect statement color when wearing MAC Magenta is out of your budget. Natural (810) Dusty Pink.

How long does lip liner tattoo last?

six to nine months

Who carries Nyx?

Use a NYX discounted gift card online or at a NYX professional makeup store in addition to these retailers:

  • NYX: 8.6%
  • Ulta: 7.66%
  • Target: 6.01%
  • Macy’s: 4.77%
  • CVS: 7.85%
  • Walgreens: 11.16%

How do I lengthen my NYX lip liner?

Our Slide on Lip Pencils can be sharpened with a sharpener that has an opening for a small pencil. Get your NYX Professional Makeup Sharpener here. Apply directly to the lips for added definition.

Does CVS have lip liner?

CVS carries a wide selection of the best lip liners at affordable drugstore prices. Choose from top brands like NYX, Wet n Wild, L’Oreal Paris, Rimmel, Revlon, and more! No matter the shade or the occasion, we have a lip pencil for you.

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