What should a woman wear to an engagement party?

Engagement Party Outfits for Women

“You can’t go wrong with a dress,” Lee says. For a daytime event, she recommends opting for casual florals and cute sneakers or a printed maxi with flat sandals. “If it’s an evening soiree, reach for your favorite LBD or festive cocktail dress and finish with a chic clutch.”

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Consequently, what color is appropriate for an engagement party?

A color palette of jewel tones and deep greens or navy blues paired with gold is the perfect color scheme for your engagement party. Plus, it will set the tone for your wedding if you plan to use a moody color palette for that as well.

Similarly, what should you not wear to an engagement party? To play it safe and keep good engagement party etiquette, do not wear white. Otherwise, simply dress for the season, weather, and formality of the venue. If dresses aren’t your cup of tea, you can opt for jeans or dress pants and a nice blouse, rompers, jumpsuits, and other casual but nice options.

Considering this, can guys wear white to an engagement party?

Yes, its perfectly acceptable to wear white to an engagement party. The only time you should not wear white is at a wedding — that honor is reserved for the bride.

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