Where can I get laid in Kiev?

For some specific nightclubs and singles bars to pick up Kiev girls you can try:

  • Shooters at 22, Moskovska St.
  • SkyBar at Velyka Vasylkivska St, 5.
  • Chi at Parkova Rd, 16.
  • Forsage at Harmatna St, 51A.
  • Indigo at Kudryashova St, 3.
  • Club Saxon at Mykhaila Maksymovycha St, 4.
  • Caribbean Club at Symona Petlyury St, 4.

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Herein, is Kiev good for nightlife?

Kyiv (Kiev) has a vibrant nightlife scene with bars and clubs spread across the city. … Garish casinos and strip clubs may be commonplace but there is still a diversity of good quality entertainment for night owls, from barge parties to underground jazz venues.

Keeping this in consideration, how do I meet people in Kiev? 10 Simple Ways to Make Friends in Kiev

  1. Visit business networking events. …
  2. Join social clubs. …
  3. Dancing: The Perfect Way to Meet People. …
  4. Join AIESEC and make friends through volunteering. …
  5. Join a sports club. …
  6. Speed dating. …
  7. Play games. …
  8. Language Exchange Club.

Correspondingly, is Kiev safe at night?

Quite safe!

The major tourist destinations like Kyiv, Lviv, Odessa, Chernivtsi, Carpathians are generally safe except for the pickpocketers. Well, there are some places where it is not advisable to walk at night, but they are usually far from the tourist centers.

Is it safe to walk in Kiev at night?

As a rule, visiting Kyiv is safe as long as you keep to the basic rules: avoid walking alone late at night in dark or poorly lit streets; keep your valuables and cash safe and out of sight, especially in crowded areas, tourist spots and public transport.

Is Kiev a party town?

There has never been a better time to visit Kiev (Kyiv). The clubs, bars & adult entertainment in Kiev are as diverse, inventive and ever-evolving as the city itself and an ideal place to party. Here you will find all the the best nightlife in Kiev so you can make the most of the awesome nightlife Kiev has to offer.

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