Where is 8VC based?

San Francisco

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In this way, how big is 8VC?

8VC was founded by Joe Lonsdale in 2016 and has over $3.5 billion in assets under management. Lonsdale had previously helped Peter Thiel started his hedge fund Clarium Capital. Palantir Technologies, a data analytics platform valued at over $25 billion, was co-founded by Lonsdale.

Thereof, who founded 8VC?

Joe Lonsdale

Simply so, is Joe Lonsdale a billionaire?

Investor and entrepreneur Joe Lonsdale, who has racked up a reported net worth of $425 million cofounding Palantir Technologies and launching the venture firm 8VC, made headlines in 2020 by leaving San Francisco and Silicon Valley and moving with his family to Austin.

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