Which Lotus cream is best for anti aging?

Best Anti-aging Creams and Serums for Wrinkles In India

  • Lotus Herbals YouthRx Anti Ageing Transforming Gel Cream SPF 25 PA+++
  • Lotus Herbals YouthRx Youth Activating Serum + Cream.
  • Lotus Herbals YouthRx Youth Activating Moisturiser.
  • Lotus Herbals YouthRx Anti Ageing Nourishing Night Cream.

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Keeping this in view, how do you use Lotus Professional anti aging cream?

How to use lotus professional anti-ageing creme : after cleansing & toning apply lotus professional phyto-rx anti-ageing creme in dots all over face and neck. Genlty massage in upward direction. Lotus professional phyto-rx anti-ageing creme can be used at anytime of the day.

One may also ask, is Lotus Professional good for skin? If you are looking for a fairness cream that also gives you good sun protection, then you can go for the Phyto Rx Whitening and Brightening Creme from Lotus Professional. With regular use, this cream helps you get a smooth and radiant skin by visibly reducing dark spots, pigmentation and uneven skin tone.

Additionally, what is Lotus Phyto Rx?

Product description. Phyto-Rx Whitening & Brightening Serum is powered by a potent blend of natural antioxidants and Vitamin C to visibly brighten, lighten and hydrate skin.

Which anti-Ageing cream is best?

A quick look at the best wrinkle creams

  • Best wrinkle cream overall: SkinMedica TNS Essential Serum.
  • Best deep wrinkle cream: RoC Retinol Correxion Deep Wrinkle Night Cream.
  • Best drugstore wrinkle cream: Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Cream.
  • Best wrinkle cream for dry skin: Drunk Elephant Lala Retro Whipped Cream.

Which is best anti aging cream in India?

The Best Anti-Aging Products Available In India – 2021

  • Biotique Bio Dandelion Visibly Ageless Serum. …
  • Olay Regenerist Advanced Anti-Ageing Micro-Sculpting Cream Moisturiser SPF 30. …
  • St. …
  • The Moms Co Natural Age Control Night Cream. …
  • Plum Bright Years All-Day Defence Cream. …
  • Wow Skin Science Anti Aging Night Cream.

Is Lotus serum good for face?

Get glowing skin with Lotus Professional Phyto-Rx Whitening & Brightening Serum. This serum protects your skin from exposure to sun and helps you recover from the loss of natural fairness. … Works effectively as a skin lightening agent. Enriched with anti-oxidants that moisturizes and promotes healthy skin.

What is the best night cream for oily skin?

10 Best Night Creams, Serums & Sleeping Masks For Oily Skin

  • Kaya White Lumenis Brightening Night Cream. …
  • L’Occitane Immortelle Precious Night Cream. …
  • Clinique Fresh Pressed Clinical Overnight Booster. …
  • Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate. …
  • Biotique Royal Jasmine & Saffron Allure Night Treatment Cream.

How do you use Ponds Age Miracle Wrinkle Corrector?

Cleanse face with the Pond’s Age Miracle Foam. Take a small amount from the jar / gently dab all over the face. Massage in circular motions till the cream is fully absorbed. Use every morning.

Which Lotus cream is best for skin whitening?

Lotus Herbals Whiteglow Skin

Is Lotus Phyto Rx good for oily skin?

Nice scent and creamy texture…even good for my oily sweaty skin. Lightened my face in over these years. Using from last 5 years…i loved this cream….it really works over my skin. Nice scent and creamy texture…even good for my oily sweaty skin.

Is Lotus Professional paraben free?

We don’t use harmful Parabens or harsh Preservatives, our products are gentle and kind to your skin.

Which Lotus cream is best for oily skin?

Lotus Face Cream For Oily Skin Product Price List

Lotus Face Cream For Oily Skin Product Price
1. Lotus Herbals WhiteGlow Skin Whitening & Brightening Gel Creme SPF 25 PA+++ (60 g) ?273
2. Lotus Professional Phyto-Rx Whitening & Brightening Creme SPF 25 | Pa+++ (50 g) ?416

How do you use Lotus professional whitening and brightening serum?

Usage: Use morning and evening all over face and neck after cleansing thoroughly. For synergic effect, use in conjunction with Lotus Phyto RX Whitening & Brightening Creme.

Is Lotus Sunscreen Broad Spectrum?

It is a revolutionary sun protection formulation which combines broad-spectrum UVA and UVB protection with skin lightening ingredients to give a uniform matte finish to the skin. … Featuring a non-greasy formula, the Lotus sunblock SPF 40 will not look oily on your face.

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