Which month is best for honeymoon in India?

Having Beas River flowing through, Manali has earned the reputation of being one of the best honeymoon places in India in June. The enjoyable weather in the day lets the couple indulge in sightseeing, and activities like paragliding and trekking.

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Accordingly, which month is best for honeymoon?

Best months: Technically, December to May, when the area is coolest and enjoys the most wind, but average temperatures year-round hover between 78 and 88 degrees.

Also, where is hot in April for honeymoon? April represents the tail end of the Caribbean’s dry season, so it’s great for sneaking in a honeymoon to Saint Lucia, Antigua & Barbuda or Grenada before the rain increases.

Regarding this, which is the best location for honeymoon in India?

Here is the list of 50 Best Honeymoon Places in India For a Perfect Romantic Trip

  • Andaman & Nicobar. Previous. …
  • Manali, Himachal Pradesh – Lover’s Paradise. 4.5 /5 View 11+ photos. …
  • Alleppey, Kerala – Venice of the East. …
  • Leh Ladakh, Jammu & Kashmir. …
  • Goa. …
  • Coorg, Karnataka. …
  • Gangtok, Sikkim. …
  • Shimla, Himachal Pradesh.

How is Meghalaya for honeymoon?

Meghalaya is a beautiful state in India that offers a lot of things to do and there are many beautiful places where you can travel. The beautiful location, serene atmosphere and peaceful environment that is very close to nature make this state very ideal for a honeymoon trip.

Is Auli good for honeymoon?

Auli is emerging among the top tourist destinations for honeymoon and the 4 days Auli couple trip packages designed by Travel Triangle will make your visit completely awesome. Auli is a mesmerising hill station covered with snow for most parts of the year.

Which is the best place for honeymoon?

Best Honeymoon Destinations

  • Bora Bora.
  • St. Lucia.
  • Maldives.
  • Fiji.
  • Maui.
  • Amalfi Coast.
  • Bali.
  • Tahiti.

Where do I want to go on honeymoon?

  • Bali. Getty Images. If you’re looking for a real has-it-all destination, Bali is hard to beat. …
  • The Greek Islands. Getty Images. …
  • The Maldives. Getty Images. …
  • Venice, Italy. Unsplash. …
  • Japan. Unsplash. …
  • Saint Lucia. Getty Images. …
  • Bhutan. Unsplash. …
  • The Turquoise Coast, Turkey. Getty Images.

How is Mauritius for honeymoon?

Mauritius, an island nation in the Indian Ocean is one of the best honeymoon destinations – it offers lagoons, beaches, multi-coloured coral reefs, rainforests, waterfalls, and exotic wildlife. And, by the way, there’s much more to a honeymoon in Mauritius than just its tropical beauty.

What is Santorini like in April?

April in Santorini is pretty hot and dry. The temperature can be anything between 10-25 degrees Celsius (or 50-70 Fahrenheit) but it can feel cold, especially during the night because of the wind.

Where is hot in April?

Where’s hot in April?

Country City Ave. daily temperature in April
Morocco Marrakech 19°C / 66°F
USA Las Vegas 24°C / 75°F
Spain Lanzarote 20°C / 68°F
Turkey Bodrum 20°C / 68°F

Which place is best for honeymoon in March?

14 Best Honeymoon Places in India in March 2022

  • Kerala.
  • Shimla – Manali.
  • Sikkim.
  • Darjeeling.
  • Goa.
  • Andaman and Nicobar.
  • Ooty– Kodaikanal.
  • Nainital.

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