Who is Renu Desai engaged to?

In 2018, Renu Desai, the ex-wife of Power Star Pawan Kalyan made an official announcement regarding his engagement. The model-turned-actress Renu also shared pictures from her engagement but kept the identity of her fiancé secret.

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Similarly, is Renu Desai getting married again?

Ever since Power Star Pawan Kalyan’ ex-wife Renu Desai announced that she is getting married again, she has been persecuted by fans of Pawan Kalyan, who have even issued death threats to the actress.

Likewise, who is Renu Desai first husband?
Pawan Kalyan
Renu Desai
Occupation Model actress costume designer film director producer
Years active 2000–2006
Spouse(s) Pawan Kalyan ? ? ( m. 2009; div. 2012)?
Children 2, Akira Nandan (Son), Aadhya Konidala (Daughter)

Additionally, why did Pawan divorce Renu?

Back in 2018, Renu Desai, in an interview, said that she wanted to divorce Pawan Kalyan after she came to know about his affair. She also added that it was Pawan Kalyan who insisted on divorce despite her initial protests.

How Pawan Kalyan meets Anna Lezhneva?

Anna Lezhneva and Pawan Kalyan met for the first time in 2011 during the shooting of “Teen Maar.” Pawan was the lead actor of the film and Anna shared small screen time with him.

Who is the present wife of Pawan Kalyan?

star Anna Lezhneva

What is the height of Akira?

6 feet 4 inches

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