Who is the owner of dm?

dm-drogerie markt

Type GmbH & Co. KG
Industry Retail
Founded 1973
Headquarters Karlsruhe , Germany
Key people Christoph Werner (CEO)

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Moreover, what does dm stand for in Germany?

Deutsche Mark
Symbol DM
Pfennig pf
Freq. used DM 5, DM 10, DM 20, DM 50, DM 100, DM 200
Regarding this, how many dm stores are in Austria? The strongest store brand in the Austrian drugstore industry

dm was founded in Austria in 1976 and now has 390 stores, making it the market leader in the country.

Beside above, how many employees does dm have?

Company Growth (employees)

Employees (est.) (Apr 2022) 225 (+2%)
Cybersecurity rating C More

What dm means?

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How much is a German mark worth?

The German mark was replaced by the euro, first as an accounting currency on 1 January 1999, at a conversion rate of 1.95583 marks per euro.

Does Germany still use the Deutsche Mark?

Germany only uses euros. Since 2002, it no longer uses the Deutsche mark. Deutsche mark bills and coins can be exchanged for euros at federal bank locations in Germany.

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