Who was Princess Mako supposed to marry?

Kei Komuro

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Also know, did Princess Mako get married?

Japan’s Princess Mako marries commoner, leaves royal family

When Princess Mako of Japan, Emperor Naruhito’s niece and the daughter of his younger brother, Crown Prince Fumihito, wed in Tokyo on Tuesday, there was no lavish ceremony, and none of the rites traditionally associated with Japanese royal weddings.

Correspondingly, is Princess Mako still married? Japan’s Former Princess Mako is Out and About With Her Husband Kei Komuro in NYC. The couple moved to New York after their wedding this fall, when Mako gave up her royal titles.

Likewise, people ask, why did Princess Mako marry a commoner?

Japanese Princess Mako has quietly married a commoner without traditional wedding celebrations and said their marriage “was a necessary choice to live while cherishing our hearts.” The couple’s marriage document was submitted by a palace official Tuesday morning and made official, the Imperial Household Agency said.

Which Japanese princess married a commoner?

Princess Mako

Where did Princess Mako marry?


Who is Japan’s princess?

Observing a modern rite of passage, Japan’s Princess Aiko sailed through her first royal press conference on Thursday. Following her opening remarks, the only child of Emperor Naruhito, 62, and Empress Masako, 58, appeared poised and confident, taking questions during a 30-minute-long session.

How did Mako and Kei meet?

How did Kei Komuro and Princess Mako meet? The couple, who are the same age, met in 2012 as students at the International Christian University in Tokyo. When they first announced their engagement in 2017, the princess and Komuro were portrayed as a perfect match.

What is Mako in Japanese?

Mako Origin and Meaning

The name Mako is a boy’s name meaning “sincerity”. Though this simple, appealing name works for both genders in Japan, it’s best known as the name of the princess who chose to leave the Royal Family in order to marry a commoner. As a boys’ name, it can be a short form of Makato.

What is Mako Komuro doing now?

Mako Komuro, who married her college boyfriend and moved to New York City last fall, is now reportedly assisting curators at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Is Princess Mako still a princess?

But now that she is no longer a princess, things seem to be looking up for Mako. She married a law-school graduate (hot), got new bangs (exciting), and boldly declared her independence from the imperial family by renting a condo in Hell’s Kitchen. Hurrah!

Does Japan have royal family?


Imperial House of Japan
Current head Naruhito
Titles Emperor of Japan Emperor Emeritus Dharma Emperor Grand King of Yamato King of Wa Regent of Japan Crown Prince

Does Japan have a princess?

Masako married Crown Prince Naruhito in a traditional wedding ceremony on 9 June 1993. By virtue of the marriage, Masako Owada assumed the formal style Her Imperial Highness The Crown Princess of Japan.

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