Why do they age cheese in caves?

Farmhouse Cheddar Cheese was stored in the caves on the Mendips 400 years ago as it was the ideal temperature at 11°C and also the ideal humidity at around 100 %. The high humidity stops the cheese losing too much weight during ageing.

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Moreover, how do you age cheese in a cave?

You can also try aging cheeses this way, increasing humidity by placing a piece of damp paper towel at one end of the container and placing the container in the warmest part of your fridge. But the lower temperature means that the cheese will take longer to age. Another way to store cheese is with the Cheese Grotto.

Also question is, what cheese is matured in caves?

cheddar cheese

Similarly one may ask, how do you age cheese without a cheese cave?

Converting a regular or dorm sized refrigerator is a good way to age cheese at home. The temperature in a refrigerator can be easily controlled with a regulator like our refrigerator thermostat. Simply plug it in and set the temperature to 52-55F.

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