Are Wexler products being discontinued?

Thank you for being such fans of the Acne products and for your amazing comments. Unfortunately, Bath & Body Works has chosen to discontinue the line.

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Subsequently, what is MMPi in skin care?

You see, MMP’s are the enzymes in our skin that cause our skin’s collagen to breakdown. Obviously, these enzymes are one of the main culprits in making our skin look older. With Dr. Wexler’s MMPi-20 anti-aging technology, these enzymes are uniquely targeted, lessening the effect of these harmful enzymes.

Furthermore, what is MMPi Skin Regenerating Serum? Product Description

MMPi actively rejuvenates skin’s surface at the structural level and measurably reduces lines and imperfections. MMPi•20™ anti-aging technology blocks the damaging effect of all 20 known MMPs, which are enzymes that cause skin to sink, sag, and wrinkle.

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